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Bus timetables

Bus services serving Primrose Valley

There are 2 bus services serving Primrose Valley.

Service number: 343S - School service - permits and fares

Speeton - Filey Schools
Timetable effective from 5th December 2023

Bus route: Speeton - Reighton - Reighton Sands - Hunmanby Gap lane end - Primrose Valley - Hunmanby - Muston - Filey School - Filey Infant School - Filey Junior School

View timetable (pdf)

This service is operated by: J R Promotions Ltd / SS Suncruisers.

Service number: 344S - School service - permits only

Filey Juniors - Primrose Valley - Speeton (Pm Only)
Timetable effective from 6th January 2020

Bus route: Filey Junior School - Muston - Hunmanby - Primrose Valley - Reighton - Speeton

View timetable (pdf)

This service is operated by: Esk Valley Coaches.